Online Buying Guide


1- To Start Click on “Select Your Package”

2- Select the package of your preference. Please note that photo packages are on digital only and you will receive them by email.

3- After selecting the package of your preference, please click on “Continue” button highlighted on green color, as shown in the image below.

4- After clicking “Continue” you will see a popup window, please select the right date of you visit.

5- Please select the activity by clicking onto the “Programs” box. Be advised that all activities have different schedule, please make sure to select the right one.

6- After selecting the right date and activity, please click on button “OK” highlighted with red color to view the pictures from the selected activity. Please note that all the pictures taken during the activity will be show in the page, including other people photos.

7- Select the pictures of your preference by clicking on each thumbnail. Make sure that the pictures selected are check marked with blue. Next step will be “how to add photos to the package”

8- After selecting the pictures, make sure to add them to the package by clicking on the option “Add selected files to package” highlighted with orange color.

9- After adding the pictures to the package, you will see a message confirming that the files have been added to the package successfully. Click on the “X” of the rectangle to close window and continue with the process.

10- Once you have selected and added the pictures to the package, next step is to proceed with the payment by going to the option “Cart”.

11- Proceed with the payment by clicking on the option “Checkout” highlighted with the orange color as shown in the image below.

12- Be advised that the pictures would be on digital only sent via email. Please type your email address and chose the payment method of your preference in the options bellow (Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal).


*As soon as you complete the payment, please verify your email, you will receive a message with a link to download purchased photos. Open it, download and save the files, since the link will expire after seven days.